Franz Cibulka was an Austrian composer, clarinetist, conductor, and educator primarily known for his works for symphonic band. His prolific output of over 600 works includes many chamber works for all combinations. Franz was beloved by his students.

Cibulka has written for many ensemble types that include winds, brass, choir, strings, and electronics. 

 I have recorded his piece s’Zwitscherl für Zwei for two clarinets and piano and have edited and revised the scores of Claroness (Capriccio for Clarinet Choir) and s’Zwitscherl für Zwei. We also played the U.S. premiere of his composition 2. Bläserquintett with colleagues at the university.

I have first met Franz and his wife Eva at the 2015 ICA ClarinetFest in Madrid. After our collaboration on the pieces Claroness and s’Zwitscherl für Zwei, and since Franz Cibulka’s passing, I am promoting his unique and versatile music.

Together with his family, I am preserving Franz Cibulka’s musical heritage.

I serve as editor and co-curator of his music, including the creation of a complete catalog of his works.

Revised and edited version of Franz Cibulka’s “s’Zwitscherl für Zwei”

Revised Edition of Franz Cibulka’s “Claroness”

Cibulka (Heilmair): Claroness for clarinet choir – Jeanne-Inc (

Art of Cibulka Homepage, List of Works, and International Cibulka Competition

Startseite – Art of Cibulka


Franz Cibulka Claroness revised by Barbara Heilmair
 S’Zwitscherl Für Zwei by Franz Cibulka on the Centaur CD “S’Zwitscherl – Music For two Clarinets and Piano”.

I commend Heilmair for bringing more attention to Cibulka in this country. (…) I find Cibulka’s music to be uniquely Austrian, not fitting into a larger Germanic tradition as many other Austrian composers traditionally have.

— NACWPI Journal, Winter 2020, Eric Schultz

Thanks to Heilmair, we now have a definitive version of the work as a result of her collaboration with the composer and revision of at least two previous versions of the work. (…) What better way to honor the legacy of Franz Cibulka!

— NACWPI Journal, Winter 2019, Eric Schultz