Clarinet teaching

“On YOUR Path in Music”

My clarinet teaching approach is a blend of traditional and modern methods and my own techniques, intended to help students acquire the skills they need to reach their individual goals. I am regularly introducing lesser-known composers and compositions to broaden the students’ perspectives and to advocate for diversity in music.

Contact me at if you are interested in studying at PSU. To apply to the PSU School of Music for Clarinet Studies, please click here:

Clarinet Ensembles 

Clarinet Ensembles of all sizes make an integral part of my pedagogy.

The students learn to play the auxiliary clarinets and they explore various styles through original compositions and arrangements.

Listen to my arrangements of Eugen Doga’s “Gramofon” Waltz, or Franz Cibulka’s ‘s’Zwitscherl”.

Masterclasses and Former Teachers

I am grateful for the teachers who have shaped my perspective on music and who have influenced how I teach today. One of them was the iconic Los Angeles clarinetist Gary Gray.

Gary Gray came to visit the Portland State University Clarinet Studio in 2008. 

We regularly host masterclasses at PSU for our students. Guest clincians include Rolf Weber, Jose Kotar, Sean Osborn, Frank Kowalsky, Virginia Figueiredo, and Gregory Barrett.